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In celebration of Pi2Day and the march toward Open Network, we’re highlighting new Pi features and programs, and emphasizing Pioneer actions in our Pi2Day Progress to Open Network Challenge! Here you can be among the first to see new features, explore the Pi ecosystem, receive unique in-app prizes, and help progress toward our Open Network goals.

The Challenge consists of completing five actions within the Pi platform—utilizing its many apps, engaging with new utilities that provide real use cases, participating in community programs, and fueling the network’s growth. With these actions, we’re creating an online experience for the Pi community to come together, celebrate our ongoing accomplishments, encourage exploration of the Pi ecosystem, and complete actions like steps on the Mainnet Checklist that will help us collectively progress toward Open Network.

This challenge will only be available for two weeks (ending July 11), so join in on the fun! 


As you complete the actions and achieve certain milestones along the way, you’ll unlock various prizes. The first prize is unlocked after completing the first three actions: you will be able to select one of five special emojis to appear next to your username in Pi Chats. The second prize, available after completing all five steps, is a special, customized image that lets you show off your accomplishment on Fireside Forum and other social media platforms. These prizes are fun, in-app keepsakes that represent your participation and accomplishments in this challenge, and you’ll be able to show them off in Pi Chats, Fireside Forum and other social media!

Get Started

An interactive Pi2Day Progress to Open Network Challenge checklist is now available on the mining app home screen for all Pioneers. To start:

  1. Open your Pi Mining app and click on the “Challenge” button on your home screen.
    Note: Make sure you have also downloaded the Pi Browser – you will need it for this Challenge!
  2. Follow the prompts on the list and complete each action to continue on to the next one.
  3. Once you’ve completed the first three milestones, you will unlock the first prize.
  4. Complete all five tasks in the Pi2Day Challenge, and get a special, personalized image to post across social media!


  1. Get Ready for Open Network: go to the Mainnet checklist to ensure you have completed all steps available to you, if any. If you do have an action item to complete, such as signing the Token Acknowledgement or submitting a KYC application, go ahead and complete that step. If you have completed the checklist, or do not have an action item available to you, simply move on to the next step in the Pi2Day Challenge!
  2. Review your Social Profile settings: be among the first Pioneers to check out your brand new Social Profile! Head to the new Profiles feature to review the permissions. Pi Social Profiles is built not only to fit the needs of individual Pioneers to have a profile page to interact with other Pioneers and external social media, but also to be a platform feature that can be integrated into different parts of the ecosystem such as different Pi apps and programs that need profiles.
  3. Customize your new profile: make your social profile unique by uploading a profile photo (this photo will only be visible to your friends for now). To edit your profile picture, start from the Profile dashboard, and tap “Profile Settings” and then the edit icon above your Pi username. For now, in addition to adding your profile picture, you can connect with and follow other Pioneers, and edit privacy settings!
  4. Visit the new wallet lockups: Pioneers who’ve successfully migrated to Mainnet can now voluntarily create a new lockup on the blockchain! This feature addresses the need for Pioneers to create a lockup after migrating, and allows migrated Pioneers to make use of their migrated Pi for lockup mining rewards if they choose to. Go to your Wallet, ensure you are looking at the Pi Mainnet (not Testnet), and tap “Lockups”. Tap “Create Lockup”, and make your selection. Note that the lockup will go into effect in your next mining session, and is not reversible once it has been created. 
  5. Participate in the Fireside Forum Festival: take part in the June #PiMusic Art Festival on Fireside Forum! Post your own creations and support others’ as well by engaging with and sharing their posts with your peers and on social media! Learn more about how you can participate

The Progress to Open Network Challenge is a lighthearted way to add some fun to your day, highlight new programs and features, and most importantly, take meaningful steps to help us reach our Open Network goals. Take part so, together, we can make Pi2Day a truly memorable occasion as we work toward Open Network.

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