Build Apps on Pi

Your Gateway to Pi’s 47+ million members. No prior blockchain experience is needed.

Getting Started Use Pi Apps


Create a web app; Plug in Pi SDK


Onboard Pioneers easily with real utility


Reach 47+ MILLION Engaged Pioneers

Getting Started

Developing on Pi


  • PiOS stands for Pi Open Source, a Software License that allows Pi community developers to create and use open source applications and libraries within the Pi Ecosystem
  • Applications that use the license are eligible for display within the PiOS repository
  • To find out how to contribute head over to this link
  • A list of all Applications and Libraries that have registered can be viewed here

Demo Pi App

Try out a demo Pi App yourself through the Pi Browser! Simply type  demo.pi  on the address bar of the Pi Browser.

To review the code that creates the Pi Demo App, check out this link here. It is PiOS-licensed, so feel free to use the Pi Demo App as a basis for getting started with your very own Pi App.

By accessing or using any part of the Pi Network Developer tools and resources, you agree that you are subject to and will comply with the Pi Network Developer Terms of Use.

Build on Web3 for the Future

Use the Pi SDK to build decentralized applications that integrate with Pi Cryptocurrency and the Pi Platform

Access to 47+ Million Pioneers

undergoing decentralized and compliant identity verification (KYC)

Generate Pi

through Pi transactions and utilities building with real members

Develop in Any Language

with ready-to-use SDK and APIs which don't require blockchain-specific development experience

Seamless Mobile UX

for your users integrated with Pi accounts, built-in Pi crypto wallets, and cryptocurrency in hand to spend!

Low transaction fees

and high transaction throughput that allow for efficient Pi exchanges in-app

Environmentally friendly

through Pi's energy light, social-trust based consensus algorithm

Pi Browser

The Pi Browser is the interface of the Pi Platform where developers can quickly develop, test, and deploy decentralized Pi Apps. Pioneers can access Pi apps by first downloading the Pi Browser and then signing in via the Pi mining app (video guide here), to enjoy a decentralized web experience. Download the Pi Browser now!