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After a fun and successful #Photography Art Festival in May, we want to continue the momentum of supporting new channels with new mediums for Pioneers to enjoy and engage with. Thus, the June Art Festival theme is: 

Music: Pioneer Tunes to Chill, Dance, and Mine Pi to!

This is your chance to show off the musical talent of the Pi community. If you’re already a music artist, create music for Pioneers’ daily lives (which, of course, includes mining Pi and interacting with the Pi ecosystem). If you’re a music enthusiast but don’t have experience with creating music from scratch, the world of AI music creation tools can help express your creativity in new and exciting ways.

How to Participate

The festival will be held within Fireside Forum, Pi’s native social media app in the Pi Browser.

Update: we’ve received so many great song submissions that we’re adding a new channel #OriginalMusic (where Pioneers should post their original music) in addition to the existing #PiMusic channel (where Pioneers should only post Pi-related original music).

Pi Music Image

Submissions for the Art Festival should be your own, original music that you’ve created (not anyone else’s!) and can be submitted as a link from the video or streaming service of your choice (e.g. YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc.). If you use AI to create original music, prior to submission, you must ensure that the AI tool you used to create your original music grants to you full ownership rights of your composition(s).

To participate in the campaign, Pioneers can use in-app tokens, which may be obtained through the use of Pi, or by watching ads in Fireside Forum. Learn more about Pi ads here. Using Pi to obtain in-app tokens in Fireside Forum requires Pioneers to migrate to Mainnet after having completed their KYC and Mainnet Migration checklist. 

For each campaign period, use the Pi Browser to visit the #PiMusic channel on Fireside Forum and, using the in-app tokens, you can:

  • Post your music;
  • Rate others’ works by adding or removing Fire; and 
  • Comment on your favorite pieces

Learn more about Fireside Forum and its innovative cost mechanism at this link here.

You can also  share your favorite posts on social media using the Share button on the Fireside Forum post and add the #PiMusic hashtag to your social media post. With our new PiNet introduction journey for first time visitors, this is also a great way to showcase the amazing Web3 Pi community with the Web2 world.

Top submissions will also be curated by the Core Team, with the potential of being featured on Pi’s social media and other content. We’ll be looking for great submissions that incorporate the themes well. While we encourage open-minded and thoughtful creations, we ask that submissions be tasteful and free of hateful, vulgar, or otherwise offensive subject matter.

We’re looking forward to your great contributions so start getting creative!

By participating in this program, or submitting art, Pioneers confirm that they own all rights to their art and agree to its use or publication (along with the Pi username) by Pi Network as “User Content” defined  in the Terms of Service.  To prevent unauthorized exploitations of Pi trademarks by bad actors to confuse and scam Pi community members, it is essential that they are used properly. See the Pi Network Trademark Guidelines. Pi, Pi Network and the Pi logo are trademarks of the Pi Community Company.

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