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The ongoing #PiHackathon is back with another winner! Earning the winning title for January 2024, and a reward of 10,000 Pi*, is Country of Pi

Why we Chose Country of Pi

Country of Pi is a compelling social app that enables sharing of multiple media such as texts, images and videos, including essential features for user engagement such as likes, follows, comments, and more. This winning combination of functional and intuitive features, clean user interface, and clear user experience sets it apart from other app submissions.


What elevates Country of Pi is its integration of the Pi cryptocurrency. Users can enhance their in-app experience by upgrading their accounts, gaining access to an array of exclusive benefits and features that boost their profiles. This strategic integration demonstrates a great use case and utility of Pi in the Pi ecosystem.

Country of Pi’s use case and Pi integration do not end with their social platform; the project has positioned itself at the intersection of social networking and commerce by incorporating a marketplace component. Here, merchants and shoppers can transact in Pi for real goods.

Congratulations to the Country of Pi team for their admirable work to get this far and a well-deserved #PiHackathon win. Pi Core Team looks forward to seeing continued innovations and user engagement in the app. 

Stay Tuned

We will be back with updates on the soon-to-end Pi Commerce Hackathon, which is meant to support the development of commerce apps in the Pi ecosystem that connect local Pi businesses with Pioneers. It follows a successful PiFest event in December 2023 with participation from over 21,000 Pioneers. 

Join Us!

The ongoing #PiHackathon for all types of apps will carry on as usual. If you want to participate, read the full instructions and event information here, and head over to the Pi Brainstorm app to get started! 

*DISCLOSURE: To receive the prizes and awards specified in the Hackathon terms and conditions, winning teams, and each of their team members, are required to have adhered to all terms and conditions of the Hackathon, and must successfully complete Pi’s KYC verification process in order to migrate the Pi prize to the Pi Mainnet.  In the event that a winning team, or one or more team members, fail to adhere to the terms and conditions, they will not be eligible to receive the applicable award, and will be disqualified as a winning team for the Hackathon.

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