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Pioneers, welcome to another Pi Network Tech and Product update for November and December! Most of the updates relate to the development and deployment of features for Mainnet, which launched on December 28, 2021.

Read on for more details and look out for exciting upcoming developments and news. Note that this Tech and Product update will not be a complete list of all the work done (e.g., minor or routine tech updates, community, operations or general business work).

  • Mainnet Launch
    • Implemented changes and calibrated the Mainnet Pi Blockchain to get ready for Enclosed Mainnet deployment
    • Launched the Mainnet!
    • Designed and developed new Mainnet mining mechanism
    • Built infrastructure to provide Pioneers a simulation of the upcoming mining formula. Deployed this new mining simulation (while the previous mining mechanism continues to be in effect to date)
    • Iterated on designs, developed and deployed a Pi Balance Dashboard where Pioneers can see their balance breakdown
    • Designed, developed, iterated and deployed Mainnet Checklist on the Pi App showing essential steps before the Mainnet transfer of the Pi balance on the phone
    • Adjusted the Testnet Block Explorer to add support for the Mainnet Pi Blockchain for viewing Mainnet transactions
    • Wrote drafts of new white paper chapters informing supply, new mining and roadmap
  • KYC App
    • Deployed KYC App to a few thousand pilot participants for testing, 100 Pioneers per country or region
    • Designed, iterated and developed KYC Validator flow for Pioneers who have passed KYC to apply to become a validator for KYC applications, get trained in tutorials and be evaluated through cross validations of work results
    • Set up infrastructure to securely analyze the KYC pilot data, and test-run, improve and scale machine learning algorithms
    • Analyzed the submissions of the KYC pilot participants that included 100 applicants per country/region
    • Tested the use of redacted images within the app to create a balance between accuracy and privacy, while achieving scalability for millions of KYC, wide coverage of diverse populations, and accessibility
    • Tested updated image verification flow that will request the Pioneer to upload new photos when previous photos are found to be illegible
    • Develop, improve and deploy a liveness detection feature within the KYC App that uses machine learning to determine the liveness of the video and expressions of the person
    • Made scalability and infrastructure improvements for the KYC app
    • Developed KYC invite feature that will allow Pioneers to invite those on their Referral Team and Security Circle to apply for KYC
  • Pi Browser
    • Deployed a new version of the Pi Browser for Android and iOS devices which can request access to the phone’s camera—necessary for the KYC app
    • Developing the ability for Pioneers to receive notifications from Pi browser that will directly open the relevant app on the Pi Browser when clicked
  • Pi Wallet
    • Deployed the connection of Wallet to Mainnet blockchain (the updated Wallet allows Pioneers to switch between Mainnet and Testnet)
    • Developed and deployed push notifications that alerts a Pioneer when they receive Test-π
  • Pi Platform and Ecosystem
    • Reviewing code iterations for release of updated payment flows
    • Design and Develop new Payment API for app-to-user payment flow
    • Developing an ecosystem app that serves as a translation engine to support community translations within the Pi ecosystem
  • Pi General Improvements
    • Deployed the name update appeal feature for a Pioneer to request a minor name change outside of the initial 14-day name change window
    • Deployed fix for the bug that causes the Pi App to open with a blank white screen
    • Developing the phone number appeal feature for a Pioneer to apply for minor changes to previously inputted phone number
    • Released email verification feature on a rolling basis to limited batches of Pioneers at a time (still ongoing)
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