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Pi is thrilled to announce two new winners of the ongoing #PiHackathon from September and October, each of which will be taking home the 10000 Pi* prize. 

The winner of the September edition of our ongoing #PiHackathon is Daabia, a marketplace app with a variety of categories of goods and app features. 

The winner of the October #PiHackathon is Pirates, a user-friendly game where players take on the role of a Pirate character maneuvering through a course, with the goal of covering as much ground as possible while avoiding obstacles and pitfalls. 

Read on for more information about both of these great Pi apps. 

Daabia Mall

Daabia is a marketplace app with various categories of goods, and is currently on the Testnet. The decision to select Daabia as the winner was driven by Daabia’s ongoing improvements to their app, as well as their representation of a geography that has generally not been covered by other marketplace apps in the ecosystem. 

Daabia’s progress since their first submission to the 2023 Q1 Pi Hackathon has been noteworthy. The team has demonstrated dedication by simplifying and enhancing their user interface (UI) and introducing additional features such as improved translations and a new merchant application flow. This commitment to improvement aligns with Pi’s values of continuous innovation and refinement, and is worthy of network support and recognition.

We are encouraged to witness the emergence of a marketplace app like Daabia from West Africa, a region that has traditionally had fewer marketplaces. Pi believes in supporting and encouraging projects that contribute to the diversity of marketplaces around the world, and serve the growing global Pioneer community.

As we congratulate Daabia on their well-deserved win, we look forward to their continued development and success. Take a look yourself – Daabia is currently listed on the Ecosystem interface in the Pi Browser!


The selection of Pirates as the winner is grounded in its usability, appealing user interface, straightforward user onboarding, and innovative Pi integration, all keys to success on the Pi platform. This game is not just a concept; it’s a functional and playable experience. 

Pirates caught Pi Network’s attention due to its compelling integration of Pi into its core game mechanics and in-game economy. Players can purchase Pirates’ in-game ‘coins’ with Pi, and use these ‘coins’ to buy things such as more lives to play, different characters, and more. Integrating the Pi cryptocurrency into the core mechanics of an app—whether it’s a game app like Pirates or a social media app or an app of another genre—is something for all developers to take note while designing their Pi app. Pirates demonstrates how digital currencies like Pi can enhance the functionality of games while creating smooth, engaging in-game economies.

The clean and enjoyable user interface of Pirates, combined with straightforward instructions in onboarding new users, further contributes to its appeal. A well-designed UI is integral to the overall gaming experience, and Pirates strikes the right balance between simplicity and visual appeal in facilitating smooth user navigation.

In celebrating Pirates as the October #PiHackathon winner, we commend its usability, simple UI and onboarding, and integration of Pi.

Join Us

Building diverse apps and utilities for the Pi ecosystem is paramount to and an essential requirement for the success of the Open Network ecosystem in line with Pi’s vision. Want to join in the mission to build this robust utility-based ecosystem? Check out the #PiHackathon page for full instructions on how to join the ongoing #PiHackathon!

If you’re not a developer, you can still contribute by inviting developers from your personal and professional network to create a Pi App under our Developer Ambassador program and receive a reward of 1000 Pi.

*DISCLOSURE: To receive the prizes and awards specified in the Hackathon terms and conditions, winning teams, and each of their team members, are required to have adhered to all terms and conditions of the Hackathon, and must successfully complete Pi’s KYC verification process in order to migrate the Pi prize to the Pi Mainnet.  In the event that a winning team, or one or more team members, fail to adhere to the terms and conditions, they will not be eligible to receive the applicable award, and will be disqualified as a winning team for the Hackathon.

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