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Ready for a new feature that will transform the way you interact with Pi? With the QR Code feature in the Pi Wallet, sending and receiving Pi becomes as simple as tap, scan, and transact. Imagine easily transferring Pi to a friend or a business by simply pulling out your mobile phone and scanning their QR code. No need to manually input complicated wallet addresses—just a quick, secure, and instant transaction with a single scan!

In light of the upcoming Pi Commerce event, the possibilities for businesses are equally thrilling! Picture your unique QR code prominently displayed at your storefront or checkout counter, streamlining the payment process for customers. It’s a mutually beneficial scenario that not only accelerates transaction times but also offers an innovative, Web3-compatible payment method!

How to Use QR Code in Pi Wallet

To share your QR code: 

  • Open your Pi Wallet on the Pi Browser.
  • Tap “Pay / Request”.
  • Choose “Scan or Show QR Code”.
  • Tap the “My Code” tab to see your QR Code. This shares your wallet address but does not share your Pi username.
    • Your QR code does not change, so you can take a screenshot, print it, and post it at your store!
  • Tap the “Add Contact” tab to share a QR code with your username so that your peers can save your wallet address in their address book.

To scan a QR code:

Method 1:

  • Simply scan another Pioneers’ QR code with your phone’s camera app like any other QR code.

Method 2:

  • Tap “Pay / Request” in the Pi Wallet.
  • Choose “Scan or Show QR Code”.
  • Under the “Scan” tab, simply scan the Pi QR code with your camera.
Scan QR Code
My Code
Add Contact

What can you do after scanning a QR code? 

You have three options:

  1. Send Pi to the address.
  2. Request to receive Pi from the address.
  3. Save the address in your contacts for later.

Once a QR code is scanned, you have the option to either request Pi from the scanned contact or pay them. This streamlined feature minimizes the steps involved in transactions, making the process faster and more secure.


The QR code feature in Pi Wallet simplifies the process of sending and receiving Pi, making it convenient for Pioneers and business alike. Upgrade your transaction experience by trying out this new feature today!

Try the Pi Wallet QR Code Today!

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