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Pi2Day 2023 Art
Pi2Day 2023 Art

Visualize a Day in a Pi-Powered World

Get your creative spirits ready—the 2023 Pi2Day PiArt Festival is here! Starting June 28, the #PiArt channel on Fireside Forum will allow Pioneers to post their amazing art and share it with the community to view and support.

This year’s special theme: Visualize a Day in a Pi Powered World, keeps the focus on utility and everyday life but encourages participants to think more holistically about how Pi could permeate various aspects of daily living. Pioneers should—in an open and creative way—imagine and portray a more integrated and comprehensive vision of a world enhanced by Pi.

How to Participate

From June 28 until July 5 at 12PM PDT, use the Pi Browser to visit the #PiArt channel on Fireside Forum and, using the in-app tokens, you can:

  • Post images of your art (no text-only posts are accepted)
  • Rate others’ works by adding or removing Fire
  • Comment on your favorite pieces

If you don’t have tokens, you can still participate by sharing on social media your favorite art works on Fireside Forum posted by others. You can do so using the Share button on the Fireside Forum post in the Pi Browser and add the #PiPoweredWorld hashtag to your social media post.

Note: Posting art on Fireside Forum requires tokens within the app so Pioneers who want to contribute art may have two options:

  1. You can buy in-app tokens within Fireside Forum with Mainnet-migrated Pi
  2. If you have been an art contributor to the #PiArt chatroom channel on the Pi Chats in the past, you may be selected at random over the next few days to be granted 5 time-limited tokens to use until the conclusion of the PiArt Festival. 

For additional context, the second option allows some past art contributors from the community to seed the Art Festival on Fireside Forum and inspire the creation of more visual content on the Fireside Forum Web3 app for other Pioneers to view and react to.

Top submissions will also be curated by the Core Team to be featured on Pi’s social media, blog and more, PLUS the opportunity to win a special edition Pi2Day T-shirt. We’ll be looking for great art that incorporates the theme well.

While we encourage open-minded and thoughtful creations, we ask that PiArt submissions be tasteful and free of hateful, vulgar, or otherwise offensive subject matter. 

We’re looking forward to your great contributions so start getting creative!


By participating in this program, or submitting art, Pioneers confirm that they own all rights to their art and agree to its use or publication (along with the Pi username) by Pi Network as “User Content” defined  in the Terms of Service.  To prevent unauthorized exploitations of Pi trademarks by bad actors to confuse and scam Pi community members, it is essential that they are used properly. See the Pi Network Trademark Guidelines. Pi, Pi Network and the Pi logo are trademarks of the Pi Community Company.

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