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July 2023 Hackathon banner

We are thrilled to announce the second winner of the ongoing #PiHackathon, and the recipient of the 10000 Pi* award: StreamVault

StreamVault has emerged as a promising new addition to the Pi Ecosystem. At its core, StreamVault is a subscription-based video streaming platform that’s still in its early stages of development. What sets it apart is its vision—to empower Pioneers to stream videos and receive Pi through subscriptions to their content—and its commitment to executing that core function.

The concept is simple yet powerful: Pioneers can spend Pi to subscribe and watch their favorite videos and creators on StreamVault. This approach not only rewards content creators but also provides a fresh way for Pioneers to utilize their Pi tokens. 

Why we chose StreamVault

What stood out about StreamVault is their focus on a single key use case. Instead of trying to be everything at once, they’ve chosen a specific path to deliver real utility to Pioneers. Video streaming is not a common use case on the Pi platform yet, and StreamVault’s entry promises to fill a gap that will benefit both creators and consumers on Pi. 

The creator of StreamVault chose to build on Pi because “the ability to create applications within a secure and user-focused ecosystem is a game-changer. Pi’s emphasis on user privacy, fairness, and empowerment aligns perfectly with my app’s goals.”

We believe in the potential of StreamVault, and we support and encourage their continued work. As they add more functionality and refine their app, we’re excited to see how they evolve and what they will bring to Pioneers. Keep an eye out for StreamVault’s listing on the Ecosystem UI in the Pi Browser in the future! 

Join the Next #PiHackahton!

If you are a developer and want to join the movement to build Pi utilities, you can still join the #PiHackathon! Submit your app on the Brainstorm app by the end of August to be considered for the August winner, or keep building and submit in September. The opportunities are endless, and now is the perfect time to get started! 

*DISCLOSURE: To receive the prizes and awards specified in the Hackathon terms and conditions, winning teams, and each of their team members, are required to have adhered to all terms and conditions of the Hackathon, and must successfully complete Pi’s KYC verification process in order to migrate the Pi prize to the Pi Mainnet.  In the event that a winning team, or one or more team members, fail to adhere to the terms and conditions, they will not be eligible to receive the applicable award, and will be disqualified as a winning team for the Hackathon.

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