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A Web3 Vision for Transparent, Accountable Content Moderation

The Pi Core team is proud to announce the development of Fireside Forum’s latest feature: Decentralized Moderation. While currently in its beginning phase, the feature aspires to incentivize social content moderation in a decentralized manner that empowers Pioneers to make contributions towards fostering meaningful and respectful online conversations and interactions for a better Web3 social experience.

Since its launch in June 2023, Fireside Forum has opened the door for millions of Pioneers worldwide to connect and interact in a responsive and human-led environment that breaks away from the traditional centralized algorithms-backed Web2 platforms. With novel tokenomics that ultimately reward positive interactions and curbs negative actions, Pioneers can not only organically curate content by adding and removing Fire from posts and comments, but now, help moderate behavior in a decentralized way.

Pi’s Vision Behind Fireside Forum

Pi Network envisions a Web3 social network where blockchain technology serves as more than just the layer of ownership, digital assets storage and distribution, but also provides unique and distributed solutions to issues in our lives online through incentives and disincentives and enables designs via cryptocurrency. With this new mechanism, we envision giving people around the world the ability to create new quality internet experiences with better content, authenticity, constructive conversations, accountability, healthier online social interactions, and more.

Through Decentralized Moderation, Fireside Forum aims to achieve a self-sustaining and transparent content ecosystem through cryptocurrency integration, allowing for diverse voices to be heard while keeping our behaviors accountable and respectful to others. This feature will empower a global Pioneer community to shape the platform’s evolution, promoting content quality, meaningful social interactions, accountability, and a healthier online environment. 

Key Features of Decentralized Moderation to expect:

Decentralized Moderation is geared towards cultivating a self-sustaining content environment where Pioneers aren’t merely passive participants but rather active contributors, playing a pivotal role in shaping the content narrative. Pioneers provide valuable input, and, for that input, they are justly rewarded. Here are some novel features of Decentralized Moderation:

  1. Unique Tiered Moderation Levels: At the heart of Decentralized Moderation is a distinctive tier system where accountability is enforced, and appeals and resolutions are possible. Each tier has its own set of responsibilities, and with these responsibilities come tailored token-based incentives and disincentives. Pioneers who contribute quality work advance to higher levels, while the opposite results in demotion, making this system stand out in the world of Web3. 
  2. Tokenomics and Stakes in Play: Every decision and action within this system is backed by real stakes. If an action is challenged and overridden, it translates into a cost. However, every Pioneer bearing a cost, be they original posters, those who delete or those who undelete, has the right to appeal.
  3. Structured Fairness: Carefully curated token rewards and penalties are devised with equity and accountability in mind. Fireside Forum strives to ensure that every moderation level remains balanced, transparent, and above all, fair. The token rewards mechanism is subject to continuous iterative calibration to achieve its goals.  

This approach emphasizes Web3 principles as a core value source, offering Pioneers ownership, self-sovereignty, and decentralization to foster improved experiences and social interactions.

Ensuring Authenticity and Empowering the Community

Fireside Forum’s Decentralized Moderation is more than a feature – it’s a base-layer design for the online social sphere to go truly decentralized while being meaningful. With this novel moderation system, Pi Network pledges to maintain a content landscape that’s steered by the community, for the community. The overarching objective is to provide a social platform where people are not only engaged in shaping content but are also rewarded for their work, and held accountable for the content they produce. Decentralized Moderation further lays the groundwork to promote genuine participation in a self-sustaining and transparent content ecosystem with accountability in mind.

A Glimpse into the Future with Fireside Forum

Fireside Forum’s Decentralized Moderation is setting new standards for content moderation, seamlessly blending tokenomics, Pioneer empowerment, and a fair reward system into a cohesive, transparent ecosystem. We’re excited to provide the opportunity for people to engage as people, emphasizing the “human” part of human/computer interaction as we move forward in Web3.

As we roll out the Decentralized Moderation feature progressively, we encourage Pioneers to stay engaged and look forward to the expanding opportunities in the near future. Together, let’s create a more accountable and transparent Web3 social experience.

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