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How do we create and use the Pi Wallet? And can we use an external wallet to hold our Pi in the future?

Pi Network has a native noncustodial Pi Wallet app on the Pi Browser. Create your Wallet by downloading the Pi Browser app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and logging into your account on the Browser through your Pi mining app. Then you can access and follow the instructions on the “wallet.pi” page within the Pi Browser. Detailed video instructions on how to create and use a Pi Wallet can be found here.

You are the sole owner of your Wallet’s private key in the form of a passphrase, which is generated locally on your phone and never comes to Pi’s servers. Your public key is also disclosed to you in the wallet creation process, and is supposed to be publicly visible like on any other blockchain. Make sure to store your Wallet passphrase (equivalent to your private key) in a secure location, and don’t share it with anyone else. Due to its noncustodial nature, the Wallet will not be recoverable from Pi Network’s servers. Once you complete KYC and your Pi Transferable Balance is migrated to the Mainnet blockchain, you may lose all of your Wallet’s Pi if you lose this passphrase.

The Pi balance visible on the Pi app (your mobile balance) may not be in the Pi Wallet yet. The mobile balance becomes transferable to your Mainnet Wallet after you pass KYC (identity verification) and complete the Mainnet Checklist in the Pi app. More and more of your mobile balance becomes transferable as your Security Circle members (and at a later stage your Referral Team members) pass KYC. KYC verification makes sure that the Pi you’ve mined along with these bonuses come from verified, real individuals.

In the Enclosed Network period of Mainnet, your Wallet can be used to send or receive Pi  peer to peer or through apps within Pi Network’s app ecosystem. In the following Open Network period, external connectivity will be allowed, so the Pi Wallet will be open to holding any types of crypto assets and external wallets can access Pi blockchain.

For more information, refer to the updated Roadmap chapter of the whitepaper draft here.

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