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Pioneers, welcome to another Pi Network Tech and Product update!

Read on for details about some features the Core Team released over the past month. Note that this update primarily focuses on external Pioneer-facing features and will not be a complete list of all the work done. For example, backend technical updates; routine or minor tech updates; community, operations or general business work; or most in-progress work may not be mentioned here.

Pi KYC Application:

  • Enhanced Pi KYC App Scalability – The infrastructure supporting the Pi KYC application was refined throughout the month based on ongoing KYC analytics. These changes reduced the loading time for the features and improved the speed at which applications are processed by the automated features of the app.
  • Improved Pi KYC App Security further – Developed and released additional security features.
  • Made KYC Applications Available to many more Pioneers – The daily rate at which KYC application slots are distributed increased throughout the month, and the number of daily invitations to submit Pi KYC applications is now more than 100 times greater than at the start of May.
  • Increased Pi KYC Application Throughput – The speed at which an application is reviewed increased throughout the month. The rate of false negatives also declined, allowing more applications to be correctly approved (while Core Team works on re-processing the false negatives). By “false negatives,” we mean applications that should have been approved but were initially marked as negative..
  • Improved UI/UX Update – Many features were worked on and released throughout the month which helped improve the Pi KYC app:- Made multiple updates to the liveness detection feature, speeding up the liveness test for both KYC applicants and Validators as well as expanding the types of devices able to display the liveness test to Validators. This not only makes the KYC applicant’s experience easier, but also helps the Validator’s productivity.- Released a quiz that Validators are required to take periodically to refresh and test their knowledge of validation requirements.- Added a guide for Validators on how to conduct each type of KYC review (i.e., document match, liveness check, and identity match) at the point of their validation workflow. The guide will continue to be updated based on ongoing validation data.

Pi General:

  • Infrastructure Update for Migrating Pioneers – The development of the features and tasks needed to migrate Pioneers to the Pi Mainnet Blockchain is currently being worked on while the KYC solution is scaling to verify the identity of many Pioneers!
  • Pi Translation Application – Designed, developed and currently testing an application that will source translations of various Pi applications from the community, e.g. for the Pi KYC app. Those community translations will then be displayed within the application when a Pioneer selects a different language. This application is the first prototype of an ecosystem app that will later be made available for the community to use.

Pi Account:

  • Multiple Account Security features – Pioneers are now able to reset their password either through the login screen or on their Profile page. When a Pioneer resets their password, this also triggers a security feature that they will also be logged out of their Pi account on all devices. It’s preferred for Pioneers to try changing their password when already logged in. Pioneers can also make a report on their Profile page if they suspect their account is potentially compromised, allowing for further investigation.
  • Resolved Password Reset bug – Fixed a bug where the password reset process got stuck on the phone verification step. Pioneers should now expect a smooth experience when resetting their password.
  • Resolved an account registration bug – When a Pioneer started but did not complete registration of a new Pi account using their phone number, the phone number was prohibited from being used again in another registration attempt by the Pioneer at a later time. In this case, the Pioneer would see an error message, “the number is already registered to another account.” This update allows Pioneers to create accounts or verify phone numbers which were previously associated with an incomplete registration.

Pi App:

  • Corrected inaccurate display of approximate Transferable Balance on Mainnet Dashboard – The display of the Transferable Balance within the Pi App was based on an incorrect rate. This was only a display bug and did not have any effect on the actual Pi balance on a Pioneer’s account, as it is stored on the backend. The display was corrected and the Transferable Balance display is now showing a more accurate approximation.
  • New Pi Art Chat Room Guidelines – When entering the #PiArt chat room, Pioneers will now be presented with a popup detailing chat room guidelines. These guidelines help keep the Pi Art chat room focused on Pi Art, reducing any spam or misuse of the chatroom.
  • Pi Chat Room Refresh Feature – A new feature enables Pioneers to refresh the list of Pi Chats a Pioneer has subscribed to. This was done in response to a bug where Pioneers would not see their full list of chat rooms. To refresh the Pi chat room lists, hold and slide down on the Pi Chat main page (just as you would do on many other apps).

Pi Wallet: Fix for “wallet temporarily disabled” Screen – Pioneers reported that when first opening the Pi Wallet app, they would see a “wallet temporarily disabled” screen. This behavior was corrected and all Pioneers should now see the Pi Wallet homepage as expected.

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