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Pi KYC: New features and improved infrastructure

Since our last update in July, the Pi Core Team has made significant progress on the KYC process to 1) improve effectiveness, efficiency and safety of the KYC app, 2) expand KYC to an increasing number of Pioneers, and 3) analyze and work on solutions for real Pioneers who have submitted their applications and haven’t received KYC results. While a lot of these improvements, especially work done for (1), cannot be experienced by most Pioneers, the KYC work is not only about scaling and allowing people to pass but also to ensure that overall KYC goals are achieved—to let real Pioneers in different countries and regions pass KYC as accurately and safely as possible while preventing as many fake accounts as possible. As a Core Team priority, KYC is essential to fostering a vibrant Pi ecosystem by providing reliable & safe-proof onboarding to insure the intrinsic quality of the network.

Below, we’re providing more details on what we have worked on since the last KYC update and the next steps to help Pioneers understand and know what to anticipate.

Recent major progress

On increasing the number of people eligible for KYC: we are deploying an improvement this week that will increase the percentage of Pioneers who can start KYC by an additional 18% of the network. An additional 13% of the network will automatically become eligible to apply for KYC if they verify their Pi account either via phone number or Facebook. So make sure your account is verified if you want to apply for KYC!

Next Steps

Curious about some specific KYC goals ahead? We are providing an abbreviated list of things we are working on for the KYC process in the coming several weeks, so that Pioneers in different scenarios know what to anticipate:

We’re also working on other features that may be released early 2023:

Parallel Priorities

The current Enclosed Network period of Mainnet allows Pi Network to focus on two priorities: mass KYC and ecosystem utilities-building. Both are essential steps towards our ultimate objective of building a viable ecosystem to get ready for Open Mainnet.

On KYC, we hear the community, and we thank you for your patience as the Core Team does everything we can to scale KYC as soon as possible. Pi Network’s goals would not be possible without the support of the Pi community at large, and we’d again like to thank Pi KYC Validators for contributing to the overall KYC process. We hope today’s update sheds some light on our efforts and the near future to come.

On utilities-building, the Core Team is also working to foster and support ecosystem app development through community developers, ongoing Hackathons, business partnerships and ourselves. Check out our latest Hackathon winners here.

As the network continues to develop both, the Core Team is excited to be at this stage of the Pi Journey, as we see the fruits of our collective efforts begin to burgeon into something amazing.

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